Connect with a global network of independent engineering companies to speed your design and discover products and solutions to solve your business needs. Also have a look at the Septentrio GitHub page where you will find some of the open-source projects from Septentrio. The GPS/GNSS for Robotic and Autonomous Devices page offers an overview for integrating GNSS into autonomous systems. 

Septentrio community partners


3DR logo

3DR is specializing in the design and manufacture of essential electronic systems for unmanned vehicles, drones, and UAVs. They focus on the best known open-source and open hardware-based autopilots in the world. With their mosaic based smart antenna integration 3DR addresses needs for the civilian drone manufacturers, public and private aerospace research and development institutes, and militaries across the globe.
Solutionmosaic-x5 CAN GPS 
Product linkmosaic-X5mosaic-H  
Tags:  #3dr #hardware #uav #antenna
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ANavS Logo

ANavS is a leading company in development of highly accurate positioning and navigation solutions with sensor fusion and AI. ANavS® GNSS receiver M.2 cards provide precise position, velocity and attitude information which can easily be integrated into your application. The M.2 Key E format is a common standard for industrial PCs, Embedded PCs or development boards (e.g. Nvidia Jetson boards). With adapter boards the cards can also be used with USB or Mini PCIe.
Solution: ANavS m2 GNSS receiver card
Product linkmosaic-X5mosaic-H, mosaic-T
Tags: #mdot2, #mPCIe, #Nvidia #Jetson
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ArduSimple develops user friendly and affordable evaluation kits – based on Septentrio cm-level GNSS/GPS technology, including multiband GPS/GNSS and Real Time Kinematic (RTK), allowing quick and fast evaluation. These plug-and-play kits work with the most popular development platforms: Arduino, STM Nucleo, Raspberry Pi, Ardupilot and Nvidia Jetson.
Solution: Ardusimple mosaicHAT, RTKM3 board
Product linkmosaic-X5mosaic-H
Tags: #evalboard, #evaluation, #evalkit, #diy, #robotics, #uav, #EasyToUseRTK, #prototyping
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MIKROE 300x400

MikroElektronika, also known as MikroE, is a company that manufactures and sells hardware and software tools for embedded systems development. MikroE offers the Mosaic Click, a compact add-on board with mosaic-x5 module designed for precision navigation and location-based applications. Inspired by the mosaicBUS open-source project, Mosaic Click is fully compatible with the mikroBUS™ socket, making it suitable for use on any host system supporting this standard. Additionally, it comes with mikroSDK open-source libraries, providing extensive flexibility for evaluation and customization purposes. 
Solution: Mosaic Click 
Product link: mosaic 
Tags: #robotics #mikroBus #automation 
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Systork specializes in crafting comprehensive solutions leveraging RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) technology. Operating from Erstein, near Strasbourg, they blend youthful innovation with extensive expertise to deliver top-tier systems tailored for diverse applications demanding precision. Notably, Systork's Linnet mosaic-X5 merges the capabilities of Septentrio's GNSS mosaic module with their adept integration prowess in robotics, automation, and UAV sectors.
Solution: Linnet mosaic-X5
Product link mosaic-X5
Tags: #UAV, #robotics #autopilot
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Sparkfun is a major online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make electronics projects possible. Their mosaic-based GPS/GNSS boards allow quick and easy evaluation of Septentrio’s reliable cm-level multi-band RTK technology. Since 2003, SparkFun has been helping turn ideas into reality. They believe new technology makes great ideas happen. No matter your vision, their open-source tools, documentation, and online tutorials make emerging technology easy to use, and the road to a finished project shorter.
Solutionmosaic-X5 Triband GNSS RTK Breakout , Sparkfun RTK mosaic-X5
Product linkmosaic-X5
Tags:  #hardware #sparkfun #shield, #prototyping
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mosaicAlto is an open-source hardware carrier board embedding the mosaic Septentrio GNSS receiver module which transforms Arduino Pro Portenta modules into single-board computers or reference designs that enable high-accuracy positioning for industrial, building automation and robotics applications. Arduino has been used in thousands of different projects and applications by the makers and DiY community. Meanwhile the Arduino Pro is the professional version of this popular electronics platform targeting industrial and other disruptive professional companies.
Solution: mosaicAlto reference design on GitHub 
Product link: mosaic-X5mosaic-H
Tags:  #hardware #Portenta #Arduino, #CarrierBoard #opensource
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ROSaic is the most used open-source ROS driver for mosaic and other Septentrio GNSS receivers offering support for single antenna, dual antenna and INS configurations. The ROS driver is a ROS node that makes the Septentrio GNSS hardware accessible from ROS (Robotics Operating System). It is robotics middleware. ROS provides services designed for a heterogeneous computer cluster such as hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management.  This page contains links to many resources to assist integration of GNSS in ROS, with the help of ROSaic
Solution: ROS driver
Product linkmosaic-X5,  mosaic-HAsteRx-m3AsteRx-i3AsteRx SB3AsteRx SBi3AsteRx U3
Tags: #opensource, #ROS, #robotics #autonomous #ROSdriver
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mosaicBus is an open-source add-on hardware board compatible with MikroBUS, a fast-growing standardized socket interface used primarily in embedded systems, particularly in the field of microcontroller-based development and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It is commonly found in various development boards, including those from MikroElektronika, the company that developed the MikroBUS standard.
SolutionmosaicBus reference design on GitHub 
Product link: mosaic-X5mosaic-H   
Tags:  #hardware #MikroBUS #ClickBoard, #opensource
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mosaicHat is an open source HAT (addon) for Raspberry PI Hardware. The HAT integrates the mosaic-x5 in a small and lean GNSS board with basic communication interfaces (USB, serial port, events, PPS, FTDI and power). It is fully documented, the reference design and the footprint are made available and can also be used to spinoff other mosaic based hardware projects.
Product linkmosaic-X5mosaic-H
Tags: #opensource, #raspberrypi #easyprototyping #robotics #autonomous #gnssboard #hat
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mosaicHAT Arduino The receiver is an open source project which uses the mosaicHAT board in order to create a plastic boxed receiver unit with an LCD display and with standard batteries operation. All controlled by Arduino.Using mosaicHAT in this extended open source project allows the integration of Septentrio’s mosaic-x5 in a small battery powered system. It is fully documented and it makes available the Fritzing schematics as well as the Arduino code to the instructables and github community.
SolutionmosaicHAT Arduino,  mosaic-H
Product linkmosaic-X5
Tags: #opensource, #Arduino #easyprototyping #robotics #autonomous #gnssboard #noshield #lcd #fritzing #github
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Mowi is an open-source reference design for Septentrio’s highly accurate GNSS mosaic module with the ESP32 module providing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication in a single board, which is also programmable for custom applications. Numerous engineers today use the ESP32 and the multiple libraries available for Internet-of-Things (IoT) prototyping. The mowi board is an easy way for integrators to get started with Septentrio’s mosaic-X5 or mosaic-H GNSS module receivers benefitting from the module’s Ethernet capabilities for best connectivity. By using mowi alone or plugging mowi into a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other compatible mobile computers, users have access to high-accuracy positioning which combined with wireless communication make it ideal for IoT, machine navigation, remote control or even monitoring applications. 
SolutionMowi reference design on GitHub 
Product link: mosaic-X5mosaic-H   
Tags:  #hardware #esp32 #IoT, #opensource, #wireless 
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ArduPilot is an open source, unmanned vehicle Autopilot Software Suite, capable of controlling autonomous Multirotor drones, Fixed-wing and VTOL aircraft, Helicopters, Ground rovers and othe vehicles. 
ArduPilot is an open source SW and has evolved into a full-featured and reliable autopilot used by industry. The SW supports Septentrio GNSS receivers.
Solution: Ardupilot
Product linkmosaic-X5AsteRx-m3AsteRx-i3
Tags: #opensource, #autopilotsw, #uavs
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CLEARBLADE logo 400x300

The Septentrio GNSS adapter provides the ability for the ClearBlade platform to communicate with Septentrio GNSS receivers. The adapter subscribes to MQTT topics which are used to interact with the receiver. The adapter publishes any data retrieved from the receiver to MQTT topics so that the ClearBlade Platform can retrieve and process GNSS receiver related data or execute (write) commands to Septentrio GNSS receiver devices. 
SolutionClearBlade GNSS adapter on GitHub 
Product link:  mosaic. AsteRx-m3, mosaic, PolaRx5 
Tags: #IoT, #Connectivity, #MQTT, #clearblade 
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Ericsson understands that GNSS positioning is critical to the ability of mobile objects to know where they are – from airplanes, drones and vehicles to smartphones and IoT devices. Ericsson is actively engaged in various projects concerning positioning integrity, its alignment with 3GPP Rel-15/16 positioning accuracy, interoperability, and scalability. The primary goal of this open source project is to facilitate the use of the LPP protocol  over SUPL (defined by 3GPP standardization) with Septentrio GNSS receivers, facilitating the delivery of RTCM (OSR) corrections.
Solution: SUPL-3GPP-LPP-(Septentrio Fork)  - SUPL-3GPP-LPP-Client (Ericsson)
Product link:  mosaic
Tags: #UAV, #robotics #corrections #telecom
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NXP's Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology enables cars to communicate with their surroundings and makes driving safer and more efficient for everyone. NXP provides a complete solution for Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communications for active safety systems and intelligent transport system (ITS) management. The reference design integrtates Septentrio's GNSS technology for high performance and resiliance.
Solution: V2X Ref design
Product linkmosaic-X5
Tags: #v2x #resilience #referencedesign
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The Pixhawk flight controller board is a flexible autopilot intended primarily for manufacturers of UAV commercial systems. Its HW can be used with Septentrio receivers specially when in combination with Ardupilot SW.
Solution: Pixhawk
Product linkmosaic-X5,  mosaic-HAsteRx-m3AsteRx-i3
Tags: #opensource, #autopilotsw, #uavs #flightcontroller
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PX4 autopilot is one of the largest commercially adopted open-source navigation control stacks, enabling an innovative community to build and maintain drone hardware and software in a scalable way. Septentrio AsteRx-m3 and mosaic receivers are compatible with PX4 autopilots, with both single antenna and dual antenna configurations, which offer either heading and pitch or heading and roll angles on top of accurate GNSS positioning. With this open-source copy of the official PX4 repository you can get started with Septentrio receivers working seamlessly with PX4.

SolutionPX4 Driver on GitHub
Product linkmosaicAsteRx-m3
Tags: #opensource, #autopilotsw, #uavs #flightcontroller
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pySBF A Python module to parse "Septentrio Binary Format" (SBF) files generated by Septentrio receivers.
Solution: SBF Parser
Product linkmosaic-X5
Tags: #v2x #resilience #referencedesign
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ROS logo

NMEA Navsat driver This package provides a ROS interface for GPS devices that output compatible NMEA sentences. The driver is generic enough to work with several GNSS receiver types including Septentrio GNSS receivers. Please also take a look at the ROSaic project which offers full support for SBF.
Solution: ROS Driver
Product linkAll Septentrio Products
Tags: #opensource, #ROS, #robotics #autonomous #rosdriver #nmea
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