GPS / GNSS smart antennas

Septentrio AntaRx-S3-Si3-AUX-smart-antenna-receiver
Comes in 3 variants: GNSS only, GNSS+INS and AUX.

GNSS receiver and antenna in one rugged housing 

GNSS smart antennas can be conveniently mounted on large machinery or robots. Rugged IP69K housing protects receiver and antenna from the elements. With over 20 years of experience building industrial multi-frequency receivers, Septentrio designed AntaRx, which offers a combination of highly-accurate as well as reliable positioning, even in challenging environments. Select the right combination for your system with options like GNSS/INS (Inertial Measurement Unit) for orientation, dual antenna mode for instant heading, or the 4G cell modem. 

Key benefits 

  • Triple-frequency satellite tracking of all available GNSS constellations
  • IP69K robust sealing for the harshest environments
  • Best-in-class RTK performance
  • Auxiliary antenna input for heading & pitch or heading & roll capability
  • Septentrio GNSS+ algorithms for reliable performance and tracking despite heavy vibrations
  • Optional 4G LTE cellular modem
Septentrio easy plug and play smart antenna range: AntaRx - designed for machine control appplications

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