Agnostic Corrections Program - GNSS correction services compatible with Septentrio receivers

GNSS-based positioning is limited in accuracy due to several errors caused by GNSS satellites as well as the Earth’s atmosphere. To compensate for these errors and achieve decimeter or even centimeter-level accuracy the receiver needs to get additional information from a corrections service. As the demand for high-accuracy positioning is increasing with our ever-growing reliance on automation, the GNSS corrections ecosystem is rapidly expanding with new services offering varying levels of accuracy, delivery methods and geographical coverage.

The Agnostic Corrections Partnership Program goal is to provide options to customers and integrators around the globe to realize high accuracy positioning with Septentrio products as alternative to dedicated base stations or local RTK networks.This program facilitates the use of Septentrio receivers with various high-accuracy services, which offer varying levels of accuracy, coverage and delivery methods. This also allows integrators and users to select the service which is most suitable for their specific application and business model​

The partners shown below offer services compatible with Septentrio products. ​While each service is well supported directly by our partners, Septentrio provides additional guidelines, integration code and open-source integration resources of various correction services, that users can start from to enable Septentrio receivers to access and use these 3rd party corrections​.

You can find more information about how to integrate the different services in our support portal.

Point One Navigation logo
  • Point One (aka Point One Navigation) Polaris provides Precise corrections as a Service. Their offering is tailored for autonomous systems including commercial drones and other robotic applications where robust and high integrity localization is required. The service offers a strong RTK Network which can be accessed by either NTRIP or by the Polaris protocol. Their integration is easily done thanks to NTRIP support and open source SW provided by the company.
  • Service type: RTK
  • Regional coverage: USA
  • Service link:
  • Septentrio support link: How to integrate Point One
  • SwiftNav Skylark Swift Navigation’s Skylark delivers seamless, precise positioning to autonomous vehicle, mobile and mass-market applications across continents via cloud-based corrections services. Skylark is a wide area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service available in a suite of options - all delivering real-time, high-precision positioning. Skylark uses cutting-edge positioning algorithms to provide a continuous stream of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS correctionsSign up for Skylark here 
  • Service type: SSR (WideLane) + RTK
  • Regional coverage: Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and Australia
  • Service link:
  • Septentrio support link: How to integrate Skylark