Septentrio understands that expectations from GNSS positioning are different in each industry. We aspire to cater to your needs whether you are a cultivator, a surveyor or a miner. 

Our knowledge and experience have inspired us to develop a robust product line which provides you with consistent and accurate GNSS positioning as well as the flexibility and durability needed to have solid performance, always. 

Automotive ADAS

Septentrio provides reliable and robust centimeter-level positioning for safe automotive localization by utilizing its expertise in multi-frequency GPS/GNSS technology.  


GPS / GNSS Reference Stations

Multi-frequency multi-constellation receivers from Septentrio are key in generating uninterrupted high-quality measurements for GPS/GNSS correction networks, allowing augmentation of stand-alone GNSS signals in regions such as Japan, America and Europe.



Your crew works in the world’s toughest conditions: facing high waves and gale force winds. Give them what they need to remain safe and accurate. Our RTK marine GNSS receivers support correction services and counter iridium and inmarsat interference experience by ships - ensuring the availability and accuracy of your position under difficult marine conditions.


Mining and Construction

Machine control is vital in your industry. Your earthmovers work next to high walls and cliff faces where satellite visibility is limited. Using DGNSS or RTK technology, Septentrio’s product line can aid you to position your machines accurately, allowing any deviation to be measured and corrections to be sent from your own base station in real time


Precision Agriculture

Farmers face increasing competition, lower yields and tougher regulations. GNSS+ algorithms developed by Septentrio’s dedicated team can help increase productivity and efficiency on farms. By using Septentrio’s product line, farmers can accurately map the terrain, steer their equipment, and plant crops to maximize the annual yield from their field.



Knowing the train’s precise position, velocity and heading is one of the key components to enabling smart railways. Reliable, centimeter-level position accuracy can be achieved by using reference GPS receivers located beside the tracks.



Since its inception, Septentrio has worked with the best and brightest minds in space and positioning research, and contributed to the development of the European GNSS programs. We are very proud that scientists at ESA (European Space Agency) used Septentrio receivers to test the first Galileo satellites before launch and to receive and decode the very first live Galileo satellite signals.


Survey & Mapping

Accurate and reliable positioning is in our genes. Septentrio receivers work as base stations or rovers providing geodetic-grade, sub-cm accuracy needed for surveying and mapping. Our equipment uses all available constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO) plus correction services to provide a consistently accurate reading, even in the narrowest of city streets or right next to tall structures.


Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems are becoming ubiquitous in everyday life as we advance into the future. Systems such as UAS, UAV and UGV have an enormous potential in aerial surveying, inspection and a host of industries. They also bring new challenges in navigation and security. Septentrio has developed products that provide both the accuracy and robustness required while integrating and synchronizing seamlessly with your navigation systems and payload.