Drones and autonomous systems 

UAV/USV/UGVs are now a vital component of modern military and security operations such as reconnaissance, supply delivery, border patrolling and more. Advanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology protects Septentrio receivers in hostile environments, while providing situational awareness with jam/spoof detection and the built-in spectrum plot. Access to a multitude of GNSS signals ensures reliable positioning in challenging GNSS conditions and sufficient fallback signals in case of an interference attack. The receiver is fully secured ensuring only authenticated access. 

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Mounted and unmounted equipment

Rugged enclosed receivers can be combined with other sensors as part of a resilient navigation system mounted on ground vehicles and convoys. These receivers are highly secure, adhere to MIL standards and incorporate signal tracking hardware, which is robust to shocks and vibrations. Compact module receivers, on the other hand can be integrated into handheld devices and surveillance kits offering high accuracy positioning paired with resilience and low power consumption.  

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Communication and critical infrastructure

National and military critical infrastructure such as communication posts and towers are particularly vulnerable to jamming or spoofing attacks. Resilience of GNSS receivers used for time synchronization is crucial for ensuring continuous high-quality service. The mosaic-T GNSS module provides secure   timing for synchronizing critical applications with nanosecond accuracy. Septentrio heading receivers allow uniquely small antenna baseline, enabling antenna alignment devices in a compact form factor. 

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For over two decades Septentrio has focused on identifying and eliminating any GNSS-related vulnerabilities. Leveraging a sophisticated system of sampling and notch filters, AIM+ suppresses the widest variety of interferers from simple continuous narrow-band signals to the most complex wideband and pulsed transmissions. During the JammerTest in Norway Septentrio receivers were compared with other high-end competition receivers in a mobile test under a live spoofing attack. The results are shown below: Septentrio receiver (orange tracks in each image) mitigates GNSS spoofing and shows accurate positioning along the coastal road, while competition receivers (blue, green and red tracks) are spoofed or confused and deliver erroneous positioning. 

GNSS-spoofing-on-GPS-GNSS-receivers and receiver signal mitigation only by Septentrio
During a spoofing attack Septentrio receiver (orange track in each image) is on track along the coastal road. Competition receiver shown by the blue line is spoofed. Receiver shown by the green line is also spoofed but also shows erroneous outlie

Interference can be visualized in the receiver by using the built-in software spectrum analyzer where real-time radiofrequency (RF) spectrum can be viewed in both time and frequency domains. In addition to defense applications Septentrio receivers are used for surveillance, emergency and rescue, critical asset tracking and policing. Our time synchronization receivers are used in critical infrastructure such as Smart Grid, 5G telecommunications, and more (see Timing page for more details).