3D machine control 

For optimal productivity Septentrio receivers deliver continuous positioning even in environments which are challenging for GNSS, such as urban canyons, near rocky cliffs or under tree canopies. Downtimes are costly and frustrating for the workers, so investing in multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS technology from the beginning is key. For efficient bucket control on excavators, our receivers have the lowest latency to avoid movement delay or oscillation loops.  

Find out how Makin machine control tech on excavators is the only one that still works in a challenging rocky environment in Norway.  

Autonomous haul trucks 

Our receivers provide continuous positioning with high integrity, meaning an honest measurement of the accuracy error (uncertainty of positioning). For autonomous haul trucks this measurement is paramount, especially in challenging environments, where the view of the sky may be partially obstructed, and the system needs to know when safety boundaries may be crossed. In such environments our sensor fusion GNSS/INS receivers can be counted on to improve positioning availability and reliability. Low data latency and high update rate ensure quick system response to avoid oscillation feedback loops.  



Vertical drilling 

Accurate centimeter-level RTK positioning enables optimal rock fragmentation for efficient drilling and rock removal. Reliable, continuously available positioning delivered by Septentrio receivers is used for autonomous drill rigs working in some of the most challenging environments across the world.  

Read about Flanders machine control technology that takes mining efficiency to the next level with cm-level RTK positioning.  

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