Our high-tech GNSS/INS products are at the forefront of navigation technology. We are working today on technology needs of tomorrow. Young talents get the opportunity to work side-by-side with industry experts in areas such as GNSS, software, electronics and more. Septentrio welcomes the creativity and open mindedness of students and offers an opportunity to work on short to medium term projects.

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Presentations and demonstrations

Through thought leadership presentations and dedicated product demos, our experts can be ideal partners for institutions and universities who want to learn more about navigation technology of today and tomorrow. At Septentrio we believe that our support can help the success of your educational programs by familiarizing the students with the latest GNSS and GNSS/INS technology.

Contact us here or check availability and other options for special presentations or demonstrations at your education center.



Image credit Agoria Solar Team

Sponsorships and discount programs 

Septentrio wants to support events and projects where highly accurate and reliable GNSS positioning technology makes a difference. For example, an autonomous competition you would like to participate in or specific GNSS equipment for a concrete project or educational program. Let us know about your project or event and we will let you know if you are eligible for one of our GNSS technology support funds equipping you with the latest GNSS technology or provide you with a special educational discount.

Send your request here specifying technical requirement details as well as the overall objective of your project.



Research collaboration 

We believe that research is the foundation of future navigation technology. We are open to research collaborations with different universities and research centers while looking into concrete and innovative ideas towards the future of positioning and navigation.

Contact us here so we can discuss possible collaboration projects.