Secure timing

Telecom, energy grids, broadcast equipment and other critical infrastracture relies on accurate time for synchronization. The mosaic-T GNSS module provides resilient timing for synchronizing critical applications with nanosecond accuracy. Infrastructure such as telecom towers are inherently vulnerable to GNSS spoofing due to its stationary nature. Spoofing, is a smart form of interference where the attacker sends simulated signals into the receiver, altering positioning or timing output. AIM+ anti-spoofing techniques secure Septentrio timing receivers from spoofing attacks. Additionally AIM+ anti-jamming technology protects receivers from white noise interference “jamming”or can unintentionally come from electronic devices or broadcasting equipment located around the receiver.

Find out how Jackson Labs (VIAVI) uses mosaic-X5 module for resilient nanosecond timing, which synchronizes telecom, broadcasting, and energy grids.



Time transfer and metrology

Dedicated to time and frequency transfer applications, the PolaRx5TR is optimized for quality of code and carrier phase measurements. The PolaRx5TR is fully compliant with recommendation CCTF 4 and 5 of the Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency. Its key features include:

  • Ultra-precise time synchronization for time transfer applications
  • PPS IN internal delay auto-calibration
  • CGGTTS V2E compliant

The PolaRx5TR receiver has proven itself as an industry benchmark for time transfer and UTC metrology. It is used by BIPM in Paris as well as in many timing labs around the world.

Read our insight and step into the highly-secure time lab of Netnod and discover how PolaRx5TR helps in keeping the heartbeat of the Swedish internet and infrastructure.


Radio astronomy

By simultaneously collecting data from multiple radio telescopes and combining them using a technique called astronomical interferometry, a network of telescopes can emulate a single monolithic telescope with far greater resolution than any single telescope. By synchronizing the individual radio telescopes in a network in the SKA (Square Kilometer Array) using a PolaRx5TR timing receiver, the entire network can operate similar to a single monolithic telescope with a virtual diameter of thousands of kilometers.

Find out how PolaRx5TR synchronizes one of the world’s largest telescopes.

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