Port terminal operations

Automation of reach stackers, straddle carriers, ITVs and other machines in a safe and reliable manner is key to efficient smart terminals. Multi-frequency GNSS receivers maximize positioning availability in areas where the sky is obstructed. Septentrio’s APME+ technology removes the effects of multipath, reflected GNSS signal, which can occur around metal containers.  GNSS/INS systems enable continuous positioning during short GNSS outages, which can occur when the receiver is temporarily covered by a metal structure such as a lift crane. It also removes dependency on magnetic sensors which are less effective around metal structures.



Outdoor storage automation

Automation of forklifts, AGVs, AMRs and other machines improves operating efficiency. For machine automation in challenging environments Septentrio  GNSS/INS systems fuse RTK with inertial sensors to provide dead reckoning functionality on top of centimeter-level positioning. With dead reckoning the receiver provides continuous positioning even during short GNSS outages ensuring robust operation even when the view of the sky is temporarily blocked. For machines which require 3D orientation information immediately from the start dual antenna heading receivers are available. Ensure personnel safety by using highly resilient receivers, protected from jamming and spoofing  with AIM+ Advanced Interference Mitigation technology.



High-value goods tracking

RF jammers interfere with GNSS signals blocking positioning availability, while sophisticated spoofers can send false coordinates to unprotected receivers. Such jammers are not uncommon on urban highways, mostly used by drivers trying to avoid road tolling. On the road they effect all GPS receivers in the vicinity, including the vehicles transporting valuable cargo. All of Septentrio’s GNSS receivers are protected by the built-in Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology offering unmatched anti-jam, anti-spoof security for valuable asset tracking.



Last-mile delivery

Timely delivery of products all the way to customer’s door is becoming a priority for modern consumer society. It is particularly important to optimize last-mile delivery since 53% of all logistic costs lie in this segment of the supply chain. Delivery drones and vehicles can offer a solution for efficient pick-up and delivery methods. GNSS/INS inertial integrations offer a COTS solution for high-accuracy positioning together with 3D orientation.


Accurate and reliable positioning for many other logistics applications

For over two decades Septentrio has been working with some of the largest ports in the world as well as other major players in the supply chain, providing robust, easy-to-integrate positioning solutions. Logistic applications listed above as well as many others (rail, defense logistics automation, mining logistics automation, collision avoidance, personnel safety tracking and more) benefit from reliable high-accuracy GNSS. Our products include OEM boards, GNSS/INS systems, dual antenna heading solutions and compact modules. Below is a list of our logistics oriented GNSS solutions.

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