Earth observation

The closer proximity to the Earth opens the possibility for continuous Earth observation by LEO satellites. High accuracy positioning is needed for referencing and stitching of data or images taken from such far distances. Septentrio receivers offer a high update rate and low latency ensuring that the satellite has the most accurate positions even at very high speed.



Network communication

Communication or internet satellites need accurate time for synchronization. The mosaic-T compact time receiver module delivers accurate and reliable GNSS time with nanosecond accuracy. It offers dedicated timing features and inputs for time synchronization.



PVT: constellation for positioning information

Certain LEO satellite systems offer positioning services for a variety of applications on the ground. These satellites need to know their orbit position with high accuracy as well as accurate time. Septentrio space-ready receivers have proven to acquire and track GNSS signals even at very high speeds, which enables them to reliably deliver accurate positioning and time for LEO satellite. These receivers are able to handle the very high doppler frequency of GNSS signals, which is a consequence of moving at extremely high speeds.




With over two decades of experience in multi-constellation multi-frequency technology, Septentrio is on the frontier of the LEO satellite era. We are open to redefining high-accuracy positioning with new satellite systems and signals as they become available.

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