Support resources for Altus NR2

The Altus NR2 has been superseeded by the Altus NR3 and is no longer available for purchase. For further details, please refer to the End-of-Life Notice below. 

Firmware 1.2.1 upgrade notices

  • Downloading the Altus NR2 firmware 1.2.1 release using Google Chrome may trigger an alert for dangerous content. You can safely ignore this alert and continue downloading by right-clicking on the alert and selecting 'Keep'
  • Upgrade the Altus NR2 1.2.1 firmware using the Web Interface over USB or Wi-Fi. Using RxTools (RxControl or RxUpgrade) to upgrade the 1.2.1 will fail.

Installing the 1.2.1 upgrade files

  1. Download and unpack the zip file Altus NR2 Firmware Package v.1.2.1 from the link below
  2. Upgrade first the failsafe file Altus NR2-firmware-1.2.1-OS_failsafe.suf
  3. Upgrade next the firmware file Altus NR2-firmware-1.2.1-full.suf

Control Software

Altus NR2 Firmware Package v.1.2.1
34.86 MB
Altus NR2 Application Note FieldGenius
885.17 KB
Altus NR2 Application Note SurvCE
2.29 MB
Altus NR2 End-of-Life Notice
263.04 KB
Altus NR2 User Manual
4.02 MB
Altus NR2 Quick Start Guide
639.15 KB
3D drawing
19.13 MB