Webinar - Bridging ROS and GNSS for robotics applications


In this webinar you will learn the most efficient way of integrating high-accuracy GNSS positioning and 3D orientation into any robotic system based on ROS (Robotic Operating System). Find out what ROS is and why it is the most popular robotic development environment today, and the benefits it offers to robotic or autonomous solutions such as ease of integration and faster time-to-market. Discover what RTK cm-level positioning and inertial sensors have to offer and the best way integrating them into the GNSS navigation stack of ROS. Our experts will also explain how GNSS and GNSS/INS are fused with other sensors such as odometry, vision or even lidars for optimal robotic localization and navigation.


  1. Benefits of high accuracy positioning and orientation in robotic and autonomous systems
  2. Why ROS as opposed to other systems?
  3. Open source ROS drivers for GNSS integration
  4. Interesting robotics use cases with ROS and GNSS technology
  5. How GNSS and GNSS/INS work best alongside other sensors in ROS


  • Mateusz Sadowski, Independent mobile robotics consultant and Editor of Weekly Robotics
  • Camilo Buscaron, Robotics and Automotive Leader of Amazon
  • Mohamed Mustafa, Software Development Engineer of NXP
  • Katherine Scott, Developer Advocate of Open Robotics
  • Tibor Döme, Author of ROSaic of Septentrio 

Check out our recorded Technical Workshop: Diving into ROSaic, GNSS driver for ROS.

Our page on Integrating GNSS into Robotic and Autonomous Devices provides helpful tips, resources and open-source references to aid your robotic development.

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