Keeping the world’s time reference with PolaRx5TR

UTC time thanks to reliable Septentrio PolaRx5TR timing receiver for over a decade

For over a decade the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil has been using the PolaRxTR time transfer receiver in their state-of-the-art timing lab. USP contributes to the formation of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by sending daily data to BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) with nanosecond accuracy, providing a time reference for public clock calibration world-wide. Clocks calibrated to accurate UTC time can be used for synchronizing secure bank transactions or controlling broadcast frequencies.

For over 10 years we are using the PolaRx receiver for time transfer as well as a stable and reliable reference station to improve the accuracy of our other receivers.

Daniel Varela Magalhães
Professor at the University of São Paulo

To achieve reliable and accurate time synchronization PolaRxTR provides:

  • An external atomic clock reference needed for synchronizing other cesium clocks
  • A PPS IN pulse every second synchronized to UTC, internal delay auto-calibration ensures ideal sync to measurements
  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency capabilities enhanced by AIM+ anti-jamming technology enabeling PolaRx to be robust against interference of RF emitting devices in the lab
  • Calculates and removes local ionospheric errors
  • It is also used as a reference station to significantly improve positioning accuracy of other GNSS receivers with corrections sent over the LoRa IoT protocol
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