Webinar - GNSS Hacking, From Satellite Signals to Hardware/software Cybersecurity

Septentrio Webinar GNSS Hacking From Satellite Signals to Hardware software Cybersecurity

The loss or hacking of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) signals could be catastrophic, not only to infrastructure such as power grids and communication networks but also to autonomous devices which are relying more and more on GNSS technology for their operations. This webinar reviews the different threats in security for GNSS systems from signal to firmware hacking and will also cover both the user side as well as the space and cyber technologies being implemented to make GNSS systems more robust. With guest speakers from LS Consulting and BNSF Railway Co.


  1. The more important security concerns for GNSS receiver systems.
  2. Update and roadmap of GNSS signals trying to tackle the problems of spoofing: OSNMA & Chimera.
  3. Methods to protect, toughen and augment access to GNSS services.
  4. Application risks when using non-reliable GNSS technologies.
  5. The network and receiver technologies being used to protect applications relying on GNSS.


  • Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager – SEPTENTRIO
  • Logan Scott, President – LS CONSULTING
  • Jim Barrett, Senior Consulting Systems Engineer, BNSF RAILWAY CO.
  • Wim De Wilde, Senior System Engineer – SEPTENTRIO

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