Dynamic structural health monitoring with high-accuracy GNSS

RTK positioning ensuring public safety in Korea

Seoul pedestrian bridge structural monitoring with Septentrio RTK GNSS receiver and antennae
Structural monitoring for pedestrian bridge in Seoul, Korea with Septentrio AsteRx SB ProConnect GNSS receiver and Septentio PolaNt MF and Choke Ring antenna's

In Seoul city, the national capital of Korea, the government is using the latest technological advances to ensure public safety. Automotive as well as pedestrian bridges are being monitored by high accuracy GPS/GNSS receivers which detect the slightest shifts in positioning and provide engineers with data to better understand the displacement of large structures over time, especially during powerful storms or heavy loads. This national project is organized by MOLIT the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, who employed Jipyong Space to install the positioning sensers best suited for the job. Jipyong Space chose the AsteRx SB ProConnect GNSS receiver to be installed on several bridges around Seoul to record real-time displacement with RTK centimeter-level accuracy. For example, when two 40-ton trucks drove across the bridge simultaneously, 7 to 9 cm displacement was confirmed in vertical direction. With these highly reliable GNSS sensors in place, Jipyong Space sets thresholds for a warning and alarm systems to make sure the structures get the needed attention before it is too late.

Structural-monitoring-automotive-bridge-Sepentrio-receiver+antenn (4)
Structural monitoring automotive bridge, Seoul - Korea, with Septentrio GNSS receivers antenna's