Autonomous haul trucks with GNSS/INS

Autonomous haul truck from Steer powered by Septentrio GNSS receiver in action

Mining safety and efficiency is improved with autonomous trucks using AsteRx SBi3 Pro+

Working outdoors in an open mine or at a construction site is an ideal location for satellite-based positioning. Still autonomous operations of heavy machinery requires high-quality sensors and accurate positioning to ensure safety of people and equipment. Steer is a Norwegian company that designs and manufactures solutions for autonomous and remote-control haulage for mining and quarry industry. At the heart of their autonomous system is the AsteRx SBi3 Pro+  GNSS/INS (Inertial Navigation System) receiver providing accurate positioning and orientation angles (heading, pitch and roll). Having a fusion of reliable GNSS and INS is especially important for autonomous machinery because it provides redundance of positioning, dead-reckoning, and improved integrity for safe autonomous operation. Haul trucks often operate near falling rocks or close to cliffs, posing a risk to drivers and mining personnel. Autonomous haulage brings safety in addition to optimizing production and improving movement accuracy.    

Our autonomous driving systems are installed to bring safety and efficiency to modern mines. We are integrating Septentrio GNSS/INS receivers into our systems because of their enhanced positioning reliability and availability in these challenging environments.

Lars Tronsmoen
CTO, Steer
This video shows mining haul trucks fitted with Steer’s Autonomous Haulage System using Septentrio GNSS/INS receivers for reliable positioning and orientation

Why did Steer choose AsteRx SBi3 PRO+ for their autonomous navigation

  • FUSE+ technology integrates accurate positioning with other sensors including INS for heading, pitch and roll angles
  • Multi-frequency GNSS has access to many satellite constellations for advanced positioning availability, especially in areas of low satellite visibility like near high cliffs
  • FUSE+ provides positioning redundancy and better positioning integrity for safe autonomous navigation with the INS sensor
  • Dead-reckoning with INS in areas where the sky is blocked by high cliffs, machinery or tree canopies  
  • Ruggedized receiver designed for tough industrial environments, with survivability to high impact levels  
  • Renowned anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology AIM+ built into the GNSS receiver

Other features of the Autonomous Haulage System

  • Sensor fusion system including GNSS/INS, LiDAR and 5G connectivity
  • An operator in a control room on site monitors and controls the autonomous vehicles  
  • The system can be fitted on new or used equipment from all major machine manufacturers  



Steer offers remote control systems for heavy machinery and autonomous haulage solutions for the mining and quarry industry. The company’s mission is to provide solutions to improve safety, sustainability and productivity in the construction, quarry and mining industry.