Reliable, high-precision RTK positioning
Resilient against GNSS jamming and spoofing
High-quality GNSS and inertial solutions
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Why Septentrio?

Top-performance GNSS receivers designed for secure and robust operation. Our industry knowledge and easy-to-integrate products ensure a smooth set-up process.

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AntaRx rugged smart antenna from Septentrio - available in GNSS+INS and GNSS only
AntaRx smart antenna - available in GNSS+INS and GNSS only

NEW smart antennas: AntaRx-S3 and -Si3

AntaRx-S3 GPS/GNSS smart antenna has a strong design inside and out for robust RTK positioning in the harshest environments. The Si3 is the INS variant.

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Market leader in resilient GNSS receiver protection against jamming and spoofing

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Powering the biggest reference networks in the world with 10K+ receivers

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