Webinar - Navigating the GNSS Correction Maze for Accurate Positioning


High accuracy GNSS positioning has been instrumental in fueling the increasing need for autonomous systems, robotics, logistics fleets, mapping technologies, and various other applications. To achieve centimeter level accuracy, GNSS receivers rely on correction services that compensate for errors. These corrections come from GNSS receivers that are installed as base stations at fixed locations.   Since its location is always known, a base station can calculate the error in the satellite signals so that the user’s GNSS receiver can take them into account for high accuracy positioning. 

Since our previous webinar on corrections, the world of services has grown and evolved, offering users and integrators more choices than ever. Each service offers different levels of accuracy, regional coverage and business models, but little standardization, making it challenging for users to select and connect to the most suitable service. 

This webinar will help you understand the latest correction services and guide you in selecting the correction service which is most suitable for your application.
Learn how the latest innovative correction services solve real life challenges and turn them into opportunities. Stay on top of the trends and find out how the market of precision correction services is evolving.


  1. Explore the most innovative correction service providers
  2. Learn from experts in the field about how best to navigate in the maze of corrections
  3. Discover how telecom providers are integrating correction services for enhanced accuracy
  4. See how you can get the most of the current corrections offering with Septentrio’s Agnostic Correction Program
  5. Stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in high-accuracy corrections services


  • Fredrik Gunnarsson, Expert Automation and Positioning, ERICSSON
  • Anthony Levandowski, CEO, PRONTO
  • Daniel Ammann, Managing Partner, DAMMVEN
  • Danilo Sabbatini, Product Manager, SEPTENTRIO

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