Webinar - More GNSS signals: What's in it for you?


As demand for accurate positioning grows globally and spreads across various industries, there are initiatives being taken to offer new signals and services accessible via GNSS satellites. Some such services are already being tested in 2021. The time frame and value of these upcoming services can be difficult to decipher because of the large number of new signals and constellations being deployed.

In this webinar we aim to simplify this complexity and uncover the concrete values that new GNSS services will bring to your industry in the near future. We will take a sneak-peek at upcoming signals and services and explore together with industry specialists the added value that they can offer for multiple applications. From anti-spoofing security to free high-accuracy corrections, upcoming GNSS services open new possibilities for innovative technology. Using future-proof GPS/GNSS receivers allows you to take advantage of these upcoming services as soon as they become available, enabling you to be the first-to-market with cutting-edge products.


  1. Overview of the upcoming GNSS signals & services and what’s in it for the user
  2. Real world use cases already in the plans for upcoming GNSS signals and services
  3. Anti-spoofing with OSNMA and other authentication services
  4. Galileo HAS and other precise positioning services, their capabilities and limitations 
  5. Future-proof GNSS receivers available today 


  • Carmen Gonzalez Rodriguez -  Technical Innovator at CORREOS 

  • Jorge Chorniqué Sánchez - UTM at AIRBUS 

  • Lisa Perdue - Product Line Director at OROLIA

  • Jean-Marie Sleewaegen, Lead Architect at SEPTENTRIO

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