Webinar - Latest trends and solutions on anti-jamming and anti-spoofing

GPS Jamming and GPS spoofing how to counteract? new trends Septentrio  webinar in cooperation with GNSS-academy
Free 60-minute webinar-on-demand, in cooperation with GNSS academy

Learn about the trends and solutions for GNSS spoofing attacks, brought to you by GNSS academy and Septentrio.

Topics covered:

  1. What is GPS jamming and GPS spoofing?
  2. Unintential GNSS inteferences: radio-frequency interferene, ionospheric scintillation interference, multipath, time variant interference, excessive interferenc, electro smog
  3. Intentional GNSS interferences: GNSS jamming, GNSS spoofing, meaconing
  4. The GNSS signals spectrum
  5. Anti-jamming approaches: hardware, software, external verification, cryptographic (OSNMA, Chimera, PRS verification, ...), signal features
  6. GNSS inteference diagnostics in GNSS receivers
  7. Regular GPS spoofing attack mitigation 
  8. Difference between being spoofed and authentic satellite signals using polarization
  9. Quality indicators on GNSS receivers
  10. Other anti-jamming, anti-spoofing systems in the market (antennae, external devices, monitoring systems,...)


  • Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager at SEPTENTRIO

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