Webinar - From Flying Drones To Doing business

Septentrio webinar: From flying UAV drones to doing business
Free 60-minute recorded webinar-on-demand

The webinar will focus on the ease of sensor integration aboard a flying platform, and its use for commercial purposes.


    1. Understand how to integrate various surveying and mapping sensors aboard a UAV platform.
    2. Learn about the intelligent safety components to meet safety demands.
    3. Discover long-term evolution of cellular signals for autonomous vehicle navigation.
    4. Learn what to do in absence of clear GNSS signals.
    5. Hear for the industry the business benefits of high precision GNSS.


    • Francois Gervaix, Product Manager – SENSEFLY
    • Jan Leyssens, Managing Director – AIROBOT
    • Zak Kassas, Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering – UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE
    • Gustavo Lopez - Product Manager at SEPTENTRIO