Machine control systems that work in the most challenging environments


GNSS receivers are not all made equal and that makes or breaks the machine’s guidance systems when projects get tough. When GNSS outages occur, due to low satellite visibility or GNSS interference, guidance system operators can easily loose around $1000/day for each idle machine. On top of that, valuable time is lost and workers in the field get demotivated. Having a high quality GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver with the right technology inside allows machine control systems to work even in the toughest environments. That is why the Norwegian machine control system manufacturer Gundersen & Løken AS is now using ruggedized AsteRx multi-frequency heading GNSS receivers as part of their 3D guidance system. Thanks to the built-in LOCK+ technology, AsteRx receivers track GNSS satellites even under intense vibrations or mechanical shocks, enabling machine guidance in harshest conditions.

Septentrio’s technology is a reliable key component in DigPilot systems. The combination of outstanding support, fast reaction of the Septentrio team and the excellent performance of its technology, convinced our client Volda Maskin to continue to invest in DigPilot equipment.

Erik Sørngård
R&D Manager, DigPilot
video credit DigPilot

DigPilot’s client Volda Maskin uses DigPilot’s 3D guidance system on their excavators, digging exactly according to plan even in the most challenging environments. One example was the renovation of a 3.5 km section of the E39 European route on the west coast of Norway. The construction site was literally right next to a solid rock wall 15+ meters (50 feet) high, that partially blocked the view of the sky and reflected GNSS satellite signals, causing multipath. The requirements of accuracy and reliability greatly surpassed what normal RTK systems can offer under such challenging conditions. Despite the challenges Volda Maskin was able to continue their work and finish the project on time and within the budget.

DigPilot & Gundersen & Løken logos combined


Gundersen & Løken AS is a well-known Norwegian surveying equipment and instrument company. Their products include machine 3D guidance technology for dredgers, piling machines, sub-sea excavators and earth movers. Since 2011, DigPilot has been integrating Septentrio GNSS receivers in their 3D guidance products for machine control systems.