Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) in Kalmar SmartPort

inertial navigation systems from Septentrio on Kalmar SmartPort solutions: container loader, reach stackers

Inertial receivers for container localization, tracking and more

With the recent technological advances in GNSS receivers and their synergy with inertial sensors, major logistics companies are choosing for satellite-based positioning solutions for terminal asset tracking and port automation. Kalmar, a global leader in cargo handling for ports, terminals and heavy industry has integrated the AsteRx SBi3 receiver in their SmartPort technology. SmartPort solutions take container terminal and logistics operations to the next level by gathering more and better-quality data about containers, terminal equipment and vehicles. The AsteRx SBi3 GNSS/INS receiver delivers accurate positioning and orientation of containers to the Terminal Operating System (TOS), for asset tracking, operational optimization and more.

For Kalmar, Septentrio solutions have proven to be up to the complex challenges and difficult operating environment of the container port

Pekka Leikas
Product Manager, Kalmar
This video explains the three main layers of the Kalmar SmartPort system, including the TOS, and how it plays a key part in automating container terminals and improving operational efficiency. Video credit Kalmar Global.

Why Kalmar chose the AsteRx SBi3 GNSS/INS for container and vehicle tracking?

  • Sub-decimeter RTK positioning, reliable even in challenging environments such as container terminals, where the view of the sky is often partially obstructed 
  • Industrial-grade pre-integrated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) provides heading, pitch and roll angles and enables positioning continuity (dead-reckoning) in GPS “dead zones” 
  • RAIM+ advanced integrity modeling ensures reliable uninterrupted operation
  • Intuitive user interface for quick and smooth set-up
  • Receiver is installed on the reach stacker as part of the hardware and software kit connected to the TOS, enabling automated data collection of container position in the stack

Want more background info? Check our whitepaper too!

Kalmar and Septentrio explain how GNSS/INS is used in today's ports to modernize, automate and improve terminal efficiency.  

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Septentrio-GNSS-INS-inertial-receiver inside-container-loader-at-Kalmar-SmartPorts
Inertial (INS) GNSS receivers are installed on reach stackers to send exact positioning information to TOS for container and vehicle tracking. INS enables reliable operation in challenging environments where the view of the sky is often obstructed.

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