AntaRx simplifies and ruggedizes a Machine Control system

AntaRx simplifies and ruggedizes DigPilot's Machine Control system

The AntaRx Smart Antenna reduces complexity and adds robustness to Terra, a new Machine Guidance system from Gundersen & Løken AS

DigPilot the Machine Control branch of Gundersen & Løken AS, a well-known Norwegian provider of survey and construction equipment, created a revolutionary machine guidance system that answers the high expectations of their customers in the most efficient way. DigPilot collected the requirements of the machine operators, installation technicians and distributors and leveraged the latest cutting-edge software and hardware technology to design Terra™, a new machine guidance system. For high-accuracy RTK positioning they selected the AntaRx Smart Antenna, which houses a GNSS antenna and a top-performance receiver in a single robust enclosure.

With the built-in GNSS rover receiver in one of the antennas we have a lot less cabling and connectors which are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This makes the whole system more robust and gives us higher up time, which is the most important thing for our customers.

Erik Floberg
Managing Director, DigPilot

Robust GNSS works in any environment


DigPilot knew that they could count on the reliable and highly accurate positioning solutions from Septentrio because they have been successfully using Septentrio receivers for over 12 years in their guidance systems. These multi-frequency receivers have proven to work well even in challenging environments where satellite visibility is limited or in areas where there is “multipath”, which means reflection of GNSS signals off large structures. 

Work sites close to the magnetic equator or the poles tend to experience the most intense ionospheric scintillations, which affect GPS/GNSS signals as they travel towards the Earth. Intense ionospheric activity can cause degradation of accuracy or even positioning loss. The Septentrio GNSS receivers in DigPilot’s machine guidance systems have been working successfully in the far north regions for over a decade. 

AntaRx takes receiver robustness to the next level and has no problem working in the northern environments or during harsh mechanical vibrations and shocks. AntaRx has been performing well in various projects including expansion of a large defense factory in Norway where trenches needed to be dug for new pipelines. 

DigPilot Terra™ Machine Guidance system from Gundersen & Løken AS

Since there is less cabling the installation time of the system is drastically reduced. The anti-theft aspect is also important, as it is very easy to remove the AntaRx from the machine after work and store it safely.

Erik Floberg
Managing Director, DigPilot

The Terra™ 3D machine control system features the following: 

  • It is one of the most robust systems on the market thanks to the reduction of cabling with the AntaRx Smart Antenna. 
  • Reduced installation time of only several hours, as compared to days with competition systems, thanks to the one-box positioning of AntaRx as well as exceptionally small sensors which can easily be attached to the machine.
  • Most convenient User Interface and advanced 3D graphic of the excavator movement in real-time.
  • Lagging of software is illuminated with the high update rate and low latency of AntaRx as well as gyro-stabilized sensors on all moving parts of the machine, with movement-prediction firmware.

Gundersen & Løken AS is a well-known Norwegian surveying equipment and instrument company. Their products include machine 3D guidance technology for dredgers, piling machines, sub-sea excavators and earth movers. Since 2011, DigPilot has been integrating Septentrio GNSS receivers in their 3D guidance products for machine control systems.