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Septentrio introduces SECORX-60 correction service for nearshore applications

Leuven, Belgium - 13 March 2018 – Septentrio, a leading manufacturer of high-precision OEM and housed GNSS receivers for marine applications, today announced the launch of the SECORX-60 correction service at Oceanology International in London. SECORX-60 is a subscription-based service providing over-the-air corrections for Precise Point Positioning (PPP). It uses TerraStar technology and brings sub-decimetre positioning to applications on land and up to 60 km offshore.


Septentrio announces special version of AsteRx-U MARINE receiver dedicated to Fugro Marinestar support

Leuven, Belgium - 13 March 2018 – Septentrio announced today at Oceanology International in London, an additional version of its AsteRx-U MARINE receiver with support for the Fugro Marinestar service. The AsteRx-U MARINE with Fugro Marinestar PPP support will be available from June.


Septentrio to supply GNSS OEM receiver boards for new WingtraOne PPK VTOL mapping drone

Leuven, Belgium - 27 February 2018 - Belgian GNSS receiver manufacturer Septentrio is delighted to announce selection by Swiss drone manufacturer Wingtra to supply GNSS OEM receiver boards and PPK processing software for the newly launched WingtraOne PPK drone. The combination of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) technology and a high-spec PPK (Post-Process Kinematics) brings wide-area coverage at ultra-high precision.


Septentrio launches the AsteRx-m2a and AsteRx-m2a UAS at Commercial UAV Expo

Leuven, Belgium – 23 October 2017 – Septentrio is delighted to announce the arrival of the AsteRx-m2a and AsteRx-m2a UAS GNSS OEM engines which will be showcased from tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada at Commercial UAV 2017.

These two new OEM boards bring the latest in precise and reliable multi-frequency, all-in-view RTK positioning and heading to the market along with unmatched interference technology all for the lowest power consumption of any comparable product on the market today.     


Septentrio unveils the new Altus NR3 at InterGEO

Leuven, Belgium – 26 September 2017 – Septentrio is delighted to announce the arrival of the Altus NR3: a multi-frequency, quad-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo) RTK receiver for survey and GIS applications. The Altus NR3 features Septentrio’s pioneering AIM+ interference mitigation and monitoring system allowing continued operation in the presence of both intentional and non-intentional interference. The Altus NR3 combines advanced GNSS features with a robust communications suite together in one compact, low-power and easy-to-use unit.