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Septentrio introduces next generation GNSS reference receiver PolaRx5

Septentrio announces the launch of its next generation GNSS reference receiver, the PolaRx5.


Septentrio Names New Dealer for UAV Market

Unmanned Systems Source to Offer Septentrio GNSS Receiver Boards, Software and Reference Stations


Septentrio UNAVCO's "preferred vendor"

UNAVCO Names Septentrio as Preferred Vendor for GNSS Reference Stations


Launch of AsteRx-U and AsteRx-U MARINE

Septentrio announces the AsteRx-U, an all-in-one receiver with UHF radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth cellular modem together with a L-band receiver and spectrum analyzer. A special marine variant, the AsteRx-U Marine can mitigate Iridium and INMARSAT uplink interference and has other features for marine survey and construction users.


Septentrio's newest product - PinPoint-GIS

Septentrio introduces Pinpoint GIS, a utility software suite which allows GIS professionals to collect data from Septentrio GNSS receivers through seamless integration of their spatial data directly into ArcGIS online and other GIS database workflows.