Support resources for GeoTagZ

General Notice

  • Using Google Chrome to download the software package may trigger an alert for dangerous content. You can safely ignore this alert and continue downloading by right-clicking on the alert and selecting 'Keep'. 
  • A hardware permissions dongle and a license file is required to run the GeoTagZ Software. This is only available after you have placed an order. Please contact orders[at] if you are interested in receiving a full or a demo license of the software.
  • GeoTagZ 4.1.7 release requires a dedicated dongle different from the one shipped with Beta versions of GeoTagZ. Please contact orders[at] should you require a new version of the dongle.
GeoTagZ v4.6.2 Release Notes
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GeoTagZ v4.6.2 Installer
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GeoTagZ v4.6.2 Software User Manual
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