PP-SDK: high accuracy with GPS post-processing

Post-Processing Software Development Kit


Do you need sub-cm accurate positioning, but you don’t want to set up a real-time base station link? RTK (Real Time Kinematic) accuracy can also be achieved with post-processing, which is known as PPK (Post Processing Kinematic). Often used in mapping and photogrammetry, PPK can be used whenever real-time positioning is not necessary. It can also be used to improve GPS/GNSS data when the real-time base station link is unstable or has malfunctioned. Septentrio PP-SDK offers you the possibility to achieve reliable centimeter-level positioning by post-processing GNSS and base station data.

GPS/GNSS post-processing in your workflow

PP-SDK (Post-Processing Software Development Kit) utilizes Septentrio’s advanced PVT algorithms to post-process GNSS measurements. By combining GNSS and base station data reliable cm-level accuracy can be achieved at the office. The SDK includes all the necessary tools to incorporate post-processing functionality into your own applications and products.It is compatible with common programming languages such as C/C++/C#. You can choose to automate the workflow with our API or to use the GUI applications for manual processing.


PPSDK - PPK post processing kinematic tool from Septentrio
PPSDK - the PPK post processing kinematic tool from Septentrio

Key features

  • API: an Application Programming Interface enables the creation of applications to preprocess SBF input files, control the PVT calculation with commands similar to receiver commands and analyze the resulting output SBF files 

  • Post Processing Engine: the core engine that performs the actual standalone, SBAS and RTK PVT solutions using GPS/GLONASS data 

  • RINEX Module: converts RINEX 2.1 & RINEX 3.0 observation and navigation files to SBF, supports GPS, GLONASS and SBAS geostationary satellites 

  • BaseFinder: Automatically searches the internet for the most suitable reference station corrections for your input file. Available via API or a Graphical User Interface.  

  • SBF Stream: a rich set of functions is provided to merge, process or condition Septentrio Binary Files (SBF) files for PVT calculation 

  • PostNav: a graphical application for easy interaction with post processing functionality 

  • Libraries: both dynamic and static libraries are provided 

  • Sample applications to demonstrate key features of the PP-SDK for quick and easy integration


PP-SDK - PPK from Septentrio - Architecture flow for post processing


Download the product datasheet below