Webinar - Revolution in Robotics goes hand in hand with GNSS tech

Robotics and GNSS webinar Septentrio
Free 60-minute webinar-on-demand, in cooperation with GNSS academy

Learn about the GNSS trends and solutions for Robotics, brought to you by GNSS academy and Sepentrio.

Topics covered:

  1. Define what is a robot?
  2. Type of robots: service robots, assistance robots, robot manipulators, mobile manipulators, locomotion
  3. Why would one use a robot? Quality, efficiency, safety, cost, productivity
  4. Which problems autonomous mobile robots solve?
  5. What is an intelligent robot?
  6. Current trends in robotics
  7. Robotics and GNSS: sensor interpretation, localization, path planning
  8. In which ways can sensors help robots?
  9. Type of sensors
  10. Do you need GNSS in robotics?
  11. Sensor information - Spatial AI - Spatial understanding
  12. Use cases: Ag & autonomous robots, logistics (AGVs, port automation), delivery robots & drones, autonomous UAV, lawn mowers, mining & construction (autonomous haul trucks)
  13. Choosing the right GNSS tech
  14. Challenges for autonomous robots
  15. GNSS dual antenna benefits: better velocity heading, independence from magnetic interference, ..
  16. Other GNSS solutions: inertial or GNSS/INS solutions
  17. Ecosystems: ROS, sensor fusion, HW architecture, simulation


    • Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager at SEPTENTRIO

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