Webinar - GPS/GNSS Interference: Sources, Effects, Detection, and Mitigation Techniques

Septentrio Webinar GPS GNSS Interference Sources Effects Detection and Mitigation Techniques
Free 60-minute webinar-on-demand, sponsored by Tallysman in coop. with GPSW and Septentrio

Today’s radio frequency spectrum is crowded with cellular, Wi-Fi, Iridium and Inmarsat signals. In North America, Ligado has recently received terrestrial broadcast rights to the 1526-1536 MHz spectrum. This could cause interference that affects antennas and GNSS receivers that support L-Band correction services. Tune in to this webinar for a discussion on interference on GNSS antennas and receivers: its sources and effects, detection methods, and mitigation techniques employed by precision GNSS antennas and receivers.


  1. Sources of GNSS Interference
  2. How to detect GNSS Interference
  3. GNSS Antenna Interference Mitigation Techniques and
  4. GNSS Receiver Interference Mitigation Techniques


  • Julien Hautcoeur - Director Director of GNSS Product R&D at TALLYSMAN WIRELES INC.

  • Peter A. Iannucci - Postdoctoral Research Fellow at RADIONAVIGATION LAB @ UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, AUSTIN

  • Wim De Wilde - Systems Engineer at SEPTENTRIO


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