mosaic-X5 opens the door to ultra-precise positioning for high-volume applications


Septentrio mosaic-x5 GNSS module ready for high volume

Septentrio has started mass production of its versatile, highly robust multi-frequency GNSS module.

Leuven, Belgium – March 20, 2020 - Septentrio, a worldwide leader in high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, announces today that it is starting high-volume production of mosaic-X5, the next-generation multi-constellation and multi-band receiver module. Featuring the latest GNSS technology, mosaic-X5 brings centimeter-level positioning to technologies such as robotics, automation, smart wearables and telematics among others. Its small form factor and low-power design makes high-performance positioning accessible to volume applications.

“For smooth, uninterrupted operation in the field mosaic-X5 is the logical choice for an industrial-grade GNSS positioning module,” said Francois Freulon, Head of Product Management at Septentrio. “In an industrial setting the cost of equipment downtime can quickly get out of hand. We designed mosaic to be robust in difficult environments, ensuring continuous operation as well as quick set-up times for our customers.”

Septentrio’s mosaic-X5 was conceived to be the first GNSS receiver module on the market without performance compromises. Featuring complete multi-frequency multi-constellation technology mosaic receives every existing and future signal from all GNSS constellations including the American GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BeiDou, Japanese QZSS, Indian NavIC and L-Band satellites. Such signal diversity allows maximum positioning availability even in difficult environments such as near tall structures or under foliage. mosaic-X5 delivers its positioning information at an industry-leading update rate, ideal for robots or fast-moving vehicles.

This compact GNSS module features Septentrio’s proprietary Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology, which shields the receiver from jamming and malicious spoofing. This allows machinery and robotics equipped with GNSS to keep on working, instead of being grounded by RF interference. mosaic-X5 also includes the unique RAIM+  integrity engine essential for safety-critical applications such as autonomous systems.

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