Survey & Mapping


Today’s mapping is getting smarter and faster enabled by fusion of sensors such as cameras, LIDAR, INS and GPS. AI powered computer vision automatically identifies objects on vast amounts of data at ultra-high speeds. Septentrio GPS/GNSS receivers deliver absolute GNSS position for high-speed mapping systems with ultra-low latency and industry-leading update rates. Our receiver boards and modules have an easy-to-integrate design optimized for SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) to be directly integrated with other sensors or into mapping robots. For mapping with aerial drones please see our dedicated UAS products.


Robust and reliable positioning of Septentrio GNSS receivers allows surveyors to collect maximum number of points in a day, finishing projects quickly and efficiently. The easy-to-use interface, low-power design and light weight of Septentrio smart antennas and rovers makes them ideal for use in the field. The receivers also feature an open communication interface allowing connection to any base station with RTCM3 and other protocols.


Accurate and reliable GNSS positioning is in our genes. Septentrio receivers work as base stations or rovers providing geodetic-grade, sub-centimeter accuracy needed for surveying and mapping. The high reliability of acquired positions allows points to be accurately determined in a single pass.


Robust GNSS receivers increase productivity by continuously delivering RTK positions even in difficult environments. Multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS technology ensures that the receiver works in areas of low satellite visibility such as near high structures or under foliage. Septentrio’s best-in-class Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology shields the receiver against radio interference which can come from a wide variety of sources.

Our Product Range:


Septentrio mosaic-X5, compact, low power, multi-band & multi-constellation GNSS receiver module, packaged with wide set of interfaces. Best in class advanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology. Uncompromisable RTK performance and very high update rate at 100 Hz.


Altus NR3

The Altus NR3 combines easy-to-use, multi-frequency, quad-constellation RTK with an unrivalled communications toolset for a successful survey or GIS project every time.


AsteRx-i S

AsteRx-i S processes high-quality data, from the single or dual antenna multi-frequency AsteRx GNSS receiver with IMU measurements to generate an accurate and reliable position and orientation.


AsteRx SB ProDirect

The AsteRx SB ProDirect combines the best RTK performance and heading in a compact and ruggedized IP68 housing.



High-performance, ultra-low power and smaller than a credit card RTK receiver. The AsteRx-m2 sets the standard for reliability and power consumption.



GNSS heading receiver designed for UAS



The AsteRx4 is the most advanced multi-constellation dual antenna receiver from Septentrio.


PolaNt-x MF

PolaNt-x MF is a lightweight, high precision antenna for geodetic, survey and machine control applications.


PolaNt* MC

The PolaNt* MC is a lightweight, sturdy high precision geodetic multi-frequency multi-constellation antenna for use in physically demanding applications.


GeoTagZ: Geotagging and GNSS data post-processing tool

Georeferencing software for centimeter-accurate UAV mapping


PP-SDK: high accuracy with GPS post-processing

PP-SDK, Septentrio's PPK solution, is a professional software development kit that includes all the necessary tools allowing you to incorporate post-processing functionality into your own applications and products, compatible with common programming languages such as C/C++/C#.  GPS / GNSS post-processing makes it possible to achieve sub-cm accuracy without the need for a real-time base station link or GCPs.