Mining and Construction

Fixed physical obstacles can be a constant headache for mining and construction machine control operators. Receiving a reliable and accurate GNSS position for your backhoe loader against a cliff face is difficult; obtaining a position for an earthmover in an open pit mine with high iridium resistance is even more challenging. These conditions can impede productivity and cause safety failures because your control station can’t keep a fix on the location of each machine.

Septentrio’s GNSS receivers guarantee reliable and consistently accurate GNSS positioning in the field. That’s why leading mining and construction machine control integrators around the world employ Septentrio’s equipment: controlling wheels and loaders, drilling in the precise location of minerals and fleet-managing their machines improves productivity and eliminate collisions.

If you deploy heavy machinery and want to improve productivity and safety at your site, let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goal. Contact our mining and construction expert today.

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The AsteRx-U is an all in one multi-frequency GNSS receiver with UHF radio, WiFi, Bluetooth and a L-Band receiver and spectrum analyzer for the broadest range of applications.




The AsteRx4 is the most advanced multi-constellation dual antenna receiver from Septentrio.




High-performance, ultra-low power and smaller than a credit card RTK receiver. It is ideal for integration in UAS, mobile platforms and the most demanding industrial applications. The AsteRx-m2 sets the standard for reliability and power consumption


AsteRx SB septentrio GNSS receiver applications machine control AIM+

AsteRx SB

The AsteRx SB is a unique blend of technologies combining the best RTK performance and flexibility in a compact and ruggedized IP68 housing.


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