Precision Agriculture

Lower yields, increased competition and an expanding population requiring more food make   this a difficult time to prosper in farming. As a leader in the GNSS market, Septentrio works with the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturers to counter these challenges by providing end users with cm-level accurate GNSS positioning.

By integrating Septentrio’s GNSS+ technology – RTK receivers, antennas and base stations into their machines, cultivators around the globe can maximize their yields by knowing the exact area of their land, eliminating waste by knowing how much fertilizer to use, and minimizing machine wear through precision guidance.

Are you an agricultural integrator who wants to optimize processes and maximize efficiency for your agricultural end users? Then Septentrio’s AsteRx-4 is our OEM board for you. The AsteRx-4 features TERRASTAR PPP correction services and our very special +LOCK technology, which maintains tracking even during heavy machinery vibrations

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AsteRx SB septentrio GNSS receiver applications machine control AIM+

AsteRx SB

The AsteRx SB is a unique blend of technologies combining the best RTK performance and flexibility in a compact and ruggedized IP68 housing.




The AsteRx-U is an all in one multi-frequency GNSS receiver with UHF radio, WiFi, Bluetooth and a L-Band receiver and spectrum analyzer for the broadest range of applications.




The AsteRx4 is the most advanced multi-constellation dual antenna receiver from Septentrio.




High-performance, ultra-low power and smaller than a credit card RTK receiver. It is ideal for integration in UAS, mobile platforms and the most demanding industrial applications. The AsteRx-m2 sets the standard for reliability and power consumption




The AsteRx-m2a is a smaller-than-a-credit-card Heading and RTK receiver. It is ideal for UAS, INS integrations and other industrial applications that require high reliability in positioning combined with low power consumption.



PolaNt-x MF

PolaNt-x MF is a lightweight, high precision antenna for geodetic, survey and machine control applications.


polant-x mc septentrio antenna machine control multi-frequency

PolaNt* MC

The PolaNt* MC is a lightweight, sturdy high precision geodetic multi-frequency multi-constellation antenna for use in physically demanding applications.


secorx ppp terrastar clock orbit corrections


SECORX PPP correction data for land and nearshore