PinPoint-GIS: GIS data collection

Precise positioning made simple

  • Straightforward GIS data collection
  • Reliability and scalable accuracy guaranteed
  • Any platform, anywhere
  • Cloud Inside
  • Full ArcGIS compatibility
  • Reduce the time and complexity of the data collection process, thanks to the data being processed inside the receiver database without any intermediary steps.
  • Greater flexibility in GIS data collection because PinPoint-GIS works in your internet browser.

The GIS data collected from your Septentrio receiver is seamlessly integrated into Esri’s ArcGIS and other GIS database workflows thus enabling you to focus on your project objectives. Maps are easily customized and updated.  

You can use PinPoint-GIS  in your browser. 

PinPoint-GIS Web





Septentrio makes PinPoint-GIS available to you in your web browser – anytime, any platform, anywhere.

Offered as an extension of your Altus receiver web interface, PinPoint-GIS web offers you a direct link to Esri’s ArcGIS Online. No extra software is needed, simply open your web browser on your device, connect to your Altus receiver and you have GIS to go!


Find out more about PinPoint-GIS, by downloading our product datasheet below or by contacting our team

GIS Data Collection Software Solution



Bridge the gap between accuracy and reliability with PinPoint-GIS.

Powerful, straightforward and flexible, PinPoint-GIS is Septentrio’s GIS data collection software solution. It enables you to bridge the gap between accurate and reliable GNSS positioning and GIS functionality at any time, on any platform anywhere you may be.

Powered by Septentrio’s renowned reliable GNSS positioning receivers which provide you with consistent and accurate GIS data.


Product datasheet