GeoTagZ: Geotagging and GNSS data post-processing tool

Centimetre-level ground precision using UAVs

  • No need for Ground Control Points
  • No need for real-time RTK corrections
  • GeoTagZ output provides direct input for image processing software

GeoTagZ enables a revolutionary new way of surveying. Using GeoTagZ in combination with the  AsteRx-m3 receivers with Robotics Interface Boards it is now possible to obtain centimetre-level RTK precision from aerial survey. 

Using UAVs dramatically reduces time and cost in comparison to traditional methods: 

  • No need for ground control points
  • No need for real-time RTK corrections 
  • GeoTagZ output provides direct input for image processing software

Increase productivity 
Ground control points link aerial imagery to accurate location coordinates on the ground. However, setting out and surveying the position of ground control points is time consuming and expensive. In addition, ground surveys of mines, freshly reclaimed land and other geographically challenging locations may be hazardous if not impossible. GeoTagZ effectively removes the need for ground control points by updating the aerial photographs with high precision camera locations.  



Ready for processing
Whether using the updated photographs with embedded RTK-level positions or the position data in CSV format, the output of GeoTagZ provides direct input for image processing software.

Let’s get started
See how easy it is to work with GeoTagZ


Product datasheet

Support documentation

General Notice

  • Using Google Chrome to download the software package may trigger an alert for dangerous content. You can safely ignore this alert and continue downloading by right-clicking on the alert and selecting 'Keep'. 
  • A hardware permissions dongle and a license file is required to run the GeoTagZ Software. This is only available after you have placed an order. Please contact orders[at] if you are interested in receiving a full or a demo license of the software.
  • GeoTagZ 4.1.7 release requires a dedicated dongle different from the one shipped with Beta versions of GeoTagZ. Please contact orders[at] should you require a new version of the dongle.
GeoTagZ v4.6.2 Release Notes
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GeoTagZ v4.6.2 Installer
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GeoTagZ v4.6.2 Software User Manual
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