SECORX - Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Correction Services



SECORX PPP Services - Supported by TERRASTAR

SECORX is a subscription-based service providing over-the-air Precise Point Positioning (PPP) corrections to Septentrio GNSS receivers. It uses TerraStar technology and brings sub-decimetre positioning to land and sea applications.

Increased Accuracy and Reliability

Septentrio's positioning algorithms and error models use SECORX data to provide accurate and reliable positioning without the need for ground base stations. The use of dual-frequency GNSS hardware in Septentrio’s receivers allows the calculation and removal of local ionospheric errors, while tropospheric delays are estimated within the calculation. Other sources of errors including ocean loading, earth tides and phase windup are also modelled. The duration of your SECORX activation plan can vary to suit your particular needs.



Provides sub-decimetre reliable positioning over land and up to 60 km offshore.


Provides reliable sub-decimetre positioning over land.


Provides reliable decimetre positioning over land.

SECORX Seismic

This service has been specifically tuned to be able to respond to the typical dynamics of earthquakes, further improving Septentrio LOCK+ algorithm to maintain tracking under the typical earthquake fingerprint vibrations.




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