Webinar - Protect, Detect, and Mitigate Spoofing in Autopilots


Drones are taking the world by storm and revolutionizing applications including delivery, surveillance, inspection, and mapping. As drones become more commonplace, operating in urban areas or carrying out critical missions, the aspect of reliability and resilience becomes increasingly important. To ensure overall system resilience key components need to account for their vulnerabilities. GPS/GNSS receivers used for UAV navigation need to be protected by anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology, which is compatible with autopilots to easily fit into the UAV ecosystem.

While the drone industry is increasingly aware about the risks of GPS jamming or white-noise interference, the so-called GPS spoofing is a recent and increasingly important threat. A spoofing attack can fool a drone into thinking that it is at another location than it really is.  For a few hundred dollars University of Texas constructed a GPS spoofing device that diverted a drone from its flight path, from a kilometer away. Since many drones are programmed to land in Restricted Areas, such as near an airport, spoofing a drone into believing it is in such area becomes a means for flight path deviation or drone capture. This is a possible reason why there is such an increase in spoofing events near conflict zones as seen now in eastern Europe and the Nordic countries.


  1. How robust GPS/GNSS technology fits into the autopilot ecosystem
  2. What is GPS spoofing and what are the risks to UAVs
  3. Different types of GPS spoofing and real test scenarios showing the impact in UAV's
  4. Which techniques are available to overcome spoofing 
  5. Learn from PX4 and Zipline about Autopilot software compatibility with resilient GNSS modules


  • Ramon Roche - General Manager at DroneCode Foundation and Host for the PX4 Developer Summit
  • Jan Ackermann - Director of Product Line Management at Spirent Communications
  • Greg Lopes - Electrical Engineer at Zipline International
  • Wim De Wilde - R&D Team Leader at Septentrio

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