GPS/GNSS module for high-security applications

mosaic-X5 helps provide resilient nanosecond timing


mosaic-X5 helps provide resilient nanosecond timing

Jackson Labs Technologies provides assured PNT solutions to secure applications for businesses, government, and critical infrastructure. Their timing/frequency products ensure nanosecond accuracy even in the presence of RF (radio frequency) interference. As the threat of jamming and spoofing grows globally, countries like the US take a stand for resilient PNT that can be counted on to work under any circumstances.  


The mosaic-X5 is a small module with big impact. It has a broad spectrum of functionalities and was very easy to integrate into our hardware. We found the web interface especially useful for upgrading and configuring the GNSS receiver.

Said Jackson
Founder & President of Jackson Labs


Why Jackson-Labs chose for mosaic-X5 GNSS module? 

Jackson Labs integrated mosaic-X5 into their innovative product PNT-6220 with capabilities to:

  • Deliver sub-microsecond time stamping for financial world (ie: timing of transactions)
  • Perform time synchronization for telecom, broadcasting, the energy grids among other industries
  • Enable PTP (Precision Time Protocol) for sub-microsecond timing over the internet
  • Operate robustly even under GNSS jamming and spoofing with mosaic’s AIM+ Advanced Interference Mitigation technology
PNT-6220 by Jackson Labs

Jackon Lab's PNT-6220

PNT-6220 has a unique capability to translate GPS full-constellation multi-frequency data into a single GPS L1 CA signal. This allows legacy GPS equipment with a standard antenna input to be easily upgraded to the latest GPS/GNSS multi-signal capacity with minimal disturbance to the network setup.


Jackson Labs Technologies Inc., located in Las Vegas, NV, designs and manufactures precision timing, frequency, and test & measurement instruments based on the latest RF, microprocessor, and software technologies. The company provides electronic solutions to commercial applications, defense, as well as infrastructure such as telecom and the power grid.