RenuBot drives autonomously with the help of mosaic-X5

RenuBot-by-Renu-Robotics Photo courtesy RenuRobotics, Inc. © 2020
RenuBot (Photo courtesy RenuRobotics, Inc. © 2020)

Renu Robotics was founded to address initiatives to control cost in industries related to agriculture and renewable energy. Their fully autonomous electrical robot, RenuBot, can be fitted with different implements to perform various functions, for example mowing grass at a utility-scale solar farm. The mosaic-X5 GNSS module is integrated into the latest RenuBot model 3.0, providing reliable centimeter-level RTK positioning even in difficult environments and extending operation times thanks to its low power consumption.

The mosaic-X5 module was easy to integrate and provided us the positioning information we needed for safe and accurate autonomous navigation.

Michael Blanton Jr.
CTO, Renu Robotics

Meet RenuBot 3.0, with mosaic-X5 GPS/GNSS module inside

  • Applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for energy-use optimization, self-diagnostics, enhanced environment assessment and more
  • Fully autonomous navigation using a stored map and obstacle detection
  • Reliable RTK positioning with centimeter-level accuracy provided by the multi-frequency mosaic-X5 GNSS module
  • Control and navigation software utilizing the Robotic Operating System (ROS)
  • Mission Control provides status, performance and location information via computer or mobile device
  • Self-charging and updating when returning to the Renu Recharge Pod,
    allowing 24/7 operational schedule when multiple tractors are deployed
Renubot by Renu Robotics

RenuBot in action 

Renubot from Renu Robotics, an autonomous agriculture robot for vegetation control such as grass and weed management. The fully robot autonomously recharges and is adaptable to perform many maintenance functions.