Septentrio COVID-19 corporate memo

The COVID-19 virus impact is felt around the world and Septentrio is no exception.

In general, all our teams are operational and we continue to serve our customers.

We prioritize the health of our employees and partners and we fully comply with guidance from local health and public authorities at all our locations. We monitor the situation closely and we will update our guidelines and policies regularly.

Most of our employees work from home and our manufacturing has been organized in two separate shifts to guarantee continuity and provide the safest working conditions. All our teams and functions continue to be fully up and running.

All international travel is suspended, as is local travel in the US and Europe. We cannot accept any visitors to our buildings.

So far, COVID-19 has not impacted our ability to deliver products, and we work with our suppliers to ensure we can continue to do so. Depending on the duration of the measures in place in several countries around the world, we expect that we may see supply chain disruptions. Also, new and stricter administrative processes being imposed in logistical hubs such as ports, airports and customs offices can cause delays in delivery processes.

We will keep following all relevant instructions from governments worldwide and will update this policy when applicable.   

For further information, contact, or +32 16 300 800.

Thank you for your consideration. Stay safe !

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