AsteRx2eH OEM

AsteRx2eH OEM is a single-board dual-frequency dual-antenna GPS/GLONASS OEM heading receiver, specially designed for demanding machine control, marine survey, photogrammetry and other multi-antenna applications. As member of the AsteRx-family of compact OEM boards, AsteRx2eH is built around the same advanced GNSS chipset and shares the family’s high-quality all-in-view GPS and GLONASS tracking and advanced signal processing algorithms for robust tracking and high precision positioning, even in challenging environments.

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Main features: 
* 272 hardware channels
* Up to 20 Hz data output rate

* Heading and pitch/roll data
* A Posteriori Multipath Estimator technique (APME)
* Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
* Differential GPS (base station and rover)
* Compact OEM board and housed solutions
* Includes intuitive GUI (RxControl) and detailed operating and installation manual

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High Integrity Navigation

Septentrio receivers provide high quality GPS position data. Integrity information is used to monitor the confidence a user can place in the GPS positions calculated by his receiver. AsteRx2e receivers can supply integrity information from SBAS satellites, or receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM), and can be used for a wide range of navigation applications in land vehicles, trains, ships, planes and helicopters. A unique feature in AsteRxi, AsteRx2eH and PolaRx2e@ is the availability of heading or roll/pitch/yaw information, which offers important support for navigation in marine and aviation products, and and automated steering in for instance unmanned vehicles.

Machine Control

machine control

Septentrio OEM receivers can integrated in machine steering and control solutions for agriculture, construction and mining applications, where cm-precision RTK solutions are used for assisted or automated steering, allowing increased worktime and efficiency, increased accuracy, etc.

The compact form design of the AsteRx2eH heading receiver make it perfectly suitable for machine guidance solutions. Attitude capabilities of PolaRx2e@ provide necessary functionality for more accurate and faster leveling and grading work.


EGNOS, WAAS and MSAS supply additional differential corrections and integrity information that Septentrio receivers use to provide confidence in the position solution for applications in safety-critical environments next to GPS based position information. Tracking up to 6 SBAS satellites at the same time, these receivers can be used to monitor EGNOS, WAAS and MSAS signals, include information in ground-based augmentation infrastructure, but also to create EGNOS-based navigation products for use in for instance train navigation and signalling, airport ground traffic, maritime navigation solutions etc.