Based in Aberdeen, UK, TerraStar is a market leader in precise land navigation, positioning and guidance solutions. TerraStar owns, operates, maintains and controls a global network of over 80 GNSS reference stations and the associated infrastructure to ensure maximum operational reliability of its augmentation services for precise positioning on land.

Thanks to its ownership and management of its own network, TerraStar can react quickly to customer requirements and technological advancements. 


TerraStar-C augmentation service provides solid and reliable PPP positioning capabilities over the Earth’s surface. It is designed for users who need highly reliable and accurate GNSS positioning.

Dual-frequency code and Septentrio receivers combined with TerraStar-C data with innovative error models and positioning algorithms to eliminate and decrease errors. Using GPS and GLONASS satellites enables the user of Septentrio receivers to maintain an accurate and reliable position in the most difficult of environments. Furthermore, it reduces the solution convergence time.


TerraStar--D augmentation service delivers decimeter level position accuracy to land users globally. It provides more precision thanks to its resilience to satellite masking and ionospheric scintillation.

The service is based on Precise Point Positioning (PPP) techniques using both GPS and GLONASS where all GNSS system errors are removed or minimised by direct calculation, precise modelling or estimation.

The use of dual-frequency GNSS hardware in Septentrio’s receivers allows the calculation and removal of local ionospheric errors, while tropospheric delays are estimated within the calculation. Other sources of errors including ocean loading, earth tides and phase windup are also modelled. 

TerraStar-D provides better than 10cm horizontal and 20cm vertical accuracy (95%). These results make TerraStar--D suitable for machine guidance and auto steer.