Sightseeing in Septentrio’s hometown of Leuven is delightful. The center is a labyrinth of small, picturesque streets with early Renaissance architecture. However, what dazzles the tourist is troublesome for modern surveyors. Both narrow city streets, such as those in Leuven, and tall structures, such as skyscrapers, distort GNSS readings. These faulty results cost time and money as you verify again and again to ensure that you have a correct reading. 

Septentrio’s +GNSS technology, which provides you with modern GNSS coordinates and access to TERRASTAR augmentation correction services, guarantees cm-level accuracy in the streets of Leuven, Paris, New York, and everywhere else. Obtain Real Time Kinematic (RTK) accuracy in any conditions at any time by using an APS-NR2 base station and a second roving antenna. 

Contact our team to find out how we can help you obtain the accurate and consistently reliable measurements you need to make your next surveying job a success.

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septentrio RTK GNSS receiver Altus NR3 quad constellation AIM+

Altus NR3

The Altus NR3 combines easy-to-use, multi-frequency, quad-constellation RTK with an unrivalled communications toolset for a successful survey or GIS project every time. It incorporates leading GNSS and wireless technology into a sleek and compact design.


Altus NR2

Altus NR2

The APS-NR2 incorporates leading GNSS and wireless technology into a sleek and compact design.



Altus APS3G

The Altus APS3G is a high precision GNSS receiver from Septentrio aimed at survey applications.




High-performance, ultra-low power and smaller than a credit card RTK receiver. It is ideal for integration in UAS, mobile platforms and the most demanding industrial applications. The AsteRx-m2 sets the standard for reliability and power consumption


septentrio RTK GNSS receiver asterx GPS GLONASS dual-frequency


AsteRx-m is a very low power GPS/GLONASS dual-frequency RTK receiver smaller than a credit card, which is especially designed for integration in hand-held devices, mobile computing platforms and other solutions requiring high accuracy in low-power and space-constrained applications.


AsteRx-m UAS

AsteRx-m UAS

Designed around the custom-built GReCo3 GNSS chipset, the AsteRx-mUAS receiver is powered by the latest algorithms for consistently robust and accurate positioning.


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