Septentrio demonstrates BeiDou, GPS and GLONASS positioning

PVT calculation using BeiDou/Compass satellites in a three-constellation (GPS, GLONASS & BeiDou) solution.

Septentrio announced today that it has successfully computed a position/velocity/time (PVT) calculation using BeiDou/Compass satellites in a three-constellation (GPS+GLONASS+BeiDou) solution.

“The value added by BeiDou is more than what was expected from a constellation that is still being deployed,” commented Frank Boon, Head of Research at Septentrio. “Although the solution is not aided by differential corrections, the position shows an increase in accuracy when sufficient BeiDou satellites are included.”

Septentrio completed the implementation of BeiDou support in the its PVT engine — a PolaRx4 platform with modified firmware — by updating of receiver software. The PVT results were obtained just days following the official release of BeiDou’s Interface Control Document (ICD).

Support of BeiDou will soon become available on selected company platforms. Users of Septentrio multi-constellation receivers will then benefit from improvements in urban availability and signal integrity, thanks to the augmented signal coverage.